Alleged vandal

I mean, you’re innocent until proven guilty, right? Right.

Also, the vandalism may be alleged, but the excellent penmanship is confirmed.

[Photo by Talent Is An Asset]

13 Responses to “Alleged vandal”

  1. Corpus Nerd says:

    Aww, now I can’t read the “Caution: Always Keep Clear,” sign that I was enjoying so much!

  2. SCUM says:

    I love how this site endorses criminal activities. Anyone want to my some cheap buds? $30 an 1/8.

  3. Craig says:

    Just cause he/she threw a little do dad on the A, does not a good handwriting make. I am sure this person had not picked up a pen, let alone a spraycan, until last month. You’re a sucker. Stop making shitty writers feel good about themselves. Thanks.

  4. Lemmy Bruce says:

    The cursive is indicative of education and civility, but the act itself is contradictory of civility. My, juxtaposition is so hot right now. That said, it–like most local graph work I’ve seen–seems to place the concept ahead of the execution. Practice before ‘making your statement.’

  5. Craig says:

    San Francisco graffiti is at an all time worst! There only seems to be a handfull of individuals who take pride in their handstyle and letterforms. And yes, people are placing concept ahead of execution(way ahead). So… your stupid ass hipster friends put stickers up everywhere, fuck you, we don’t need your lame ass imput as well. You don’t have the heart. Graffiti is better off without you. Period.

  6. SCUM says:

    Tag em and bag em.