Modern Times Bookstore losing its lease, seeking new digs

They’re getting kicked out of their current spot, but all is not lost:

As we approach our 20th year in this space and our 40th year as the Mission’s community bookstore, we have some unfortunate news to share: our landlord has decided not to renew our lease at 888 Valencia and has given us until April 30th to vacate our current space.

While this is sad, and happening more abruptly than any of us thought, it also offers us an opportunity to become a smaller store more focused on the needs and interests of our core customer base.

What a kickass silver lining! Read on.

[via SFist]

[Photo by Steve Rhodes]

15 Responses to “Modern Times Bookstore losing its lease, seeking new digs”

  1. Kristina says:

    Fuchsia tights? Are those the needs of their core customer base?

  2. Why says:

    Who owns those legs? I wouldn’t mind hitting up some of that action ;P

  3. linda wilson says:

    shame on you guys for using such a stupid photo to represent such an important gathering spot for the diverse progressive people in the mission
    get it together i have old photos of amazing events held ther and im sure your reporter could have got a photo from the folks at modern times .GET IT TOGETHER
    MISSION MISSION you could at least shown the out side of the bkdg……

  4. linda wilson says:

    this paper does some scummy things but this is the most SCUMMY of all if i could i would upload a photo of modern times in the 80s of teddy matthews who was a founder and died of aids in the 80s reading

  5. Don’t let the door bang yer hammer-and-sickle undies on the way out.

  6. Eric P says:

    Miranda July’s tights. Her new film screens at the SFIFF on Apr 23 and 24

    “Miranda July’s (Me and You and Everyone We Know, SFIFF 2005) highly anticipated, darkly humorous second feature burrows its way into the lives of a couple (July and Hamish Linklater) contemplating cat adoption.”

  7. Janey' Smith says:

    Photo is kind of tight. Wonder if bookstore will make it until July.