Bourbon-fueled goat-girl horror

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  1. SCUM says:

    Did someone say goatse?

  2. Corpus Nerd says:

    Goat-girl has a nice figure. Does goat-girl have a bf?

  3. Why says:

    The real horror here is the Jim Beam…

  4. fnf says:

    I have a quick question: why do hipsters drink bad whisk(e)y? For example, why drink, Beam, Ancient Age, Jamesen. I understand the the monetary aspect. But still, a few bucks more, you can drink, Makers, Evan Williams Single Barrel, etc.

    • Well, mainly because none of the whisk(e)ies you mention is really bad — not in the way that Coors or PBR or Corona is bad — they’re just adequate, tasty whisk(e)ies, for when you want to kick yourself in the head and like it. EW Single Barrel is a whole ‘nother experience, and largely wasted unless you are prepared to sit in an armchair, quietly savoring life’s rich variety contained in a lo-ball glass.

      Would you really use an añejo tequila to make a blended margarita?

      • YAR! says:

        I would have a bartender at a cheaper-than-going-to-the-cornerstore-bar make me a margarita with patron. But yes, you are correct sir, as usual.

      • fnf says:

        I would rather kick down $4.00 bucks more on a 750ml of Bufflo Trace/Evan Williams and get shit-faced instead of beam (white label), Ancient Age (every try BIB Ancient Age 10 year, amazing stuff), and Jameson (base).

        Look, I’m not suggesting the chimera above go out and drop a 100 on some Ardbeg or even 70 buck on some pappy 15, but there is simply no excuse (indigence or otherwise) why someone can’t spend 20 bucks (+/- 3 or so) on some damn good (and sometimes great) bourbon.

        If you get the Evan Williams, the 2000 vintage is tits, far superior to the 99 and 01.

        • Another thing: none of my local stores (The Mission, remember?) carry anything made by Evan Williams — not even the baseline, un-aged 1.75L (under $20!) bottles. I have to go to Safeway for that stuff, and the Single Barrel .75L is $25 WITH a Safeway card. Neighborhood stores have Ancient Age 1L for $15, so you are underestimating the price difference. And, again, when I just want to get fucked-up in a flavorful way, it is distracting to think I am wasting the price difference.

          BTW, I like Jim Beam Rye quite a lot — also not available in local stores.

        • hoboking says:

          Perhaps folks drink Jameson because they find Bourbon sweet and flavored with Faulknerian decay? Talk all the “tech guy” expensive Bourbon smack you want, but leave the Irish whiskey out of it.

          I don’t prefer to drink Jameson, I like Powers or even Paddy’s more, and if I can afford it Redbreast. Yet Jameson is often the only Irish whiskey available.

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        COMG definitely on the right track here.

    • Stu says:

      You are missing a point that you pointed out.

    • Jenky says:

      Hipsters drink bad whiskey for the same reason they drink bad beer and wear bad clothes – they’re broke and too smug to care.

    • ciao says:

      this is right on. also, why do poor people choose to live in such crappy apartments? why don’t they just shell out the extra money and get condos instead?

      • Greenland Whale Fisheries says:

        yea, why do i live in a tiny room for $600 when i could just shell out an extra $400 for an awesome room. never thought about that before. good points everybody.

  5. Now that is a hot look.

  6. SCUM says:

    If you really want to try a high proof Jim Beam product check this

  7. Glenparker says:

    What’s up with the tarantula in her hair?

  8. wcw says:

    Ardbeg 10 is $40 at K&L.

    Just sayin’.

    • fnf says:

      in terms of price to quality ratio, a very fine dram indeed. however, based on the price points gathered from the comments above…

  9. SFLandlord says:

    Jim Beam Rye 750ml regularly available at Safeway.

  10. <3 <3 <3 <3 opinioning <3 <3 <3 <3

  11. I think we are getting away from the important question of “Would you do goat girl?” I definitely would. All those who say “aye”, say “aye”.

  12. Nick P says:

    One time I drank SoCo with Allan

  13. porkbelly says:

    One of the first rants i’ve found amusing in a long time. Thanks everybody.

  14. Ariel Dovas says:

    Mission Mission whiskey tasting session is in order.

  15. Jay says:

    Bullitt baby. Great bourbon and quite affordable. Oh, and fuck Irish whiskey.

  16. 2CUTE2PUKE says:


  17. 2CUTE2PUKE says:

    hahaha, i mean……yeah.