Pole dancing on BART

All the way from MacArthur to 24th Street!

13 Responses to “Pole dancing on BART”

  1. hoboking says:

    Often see this fellow hanging around 22nd and Valencia. In front of the Revolution, in the parklette, outside Escape from New York. He does love to dance.

  2. sassmouth says:

    I’m pretty sure I see that crazy queen at my gym on a regular basis. You’d be amazed how many routines he can work through during a 30-minute elliptical session.

  3. kingblah says:

    Well, at least he doesn’t have “that” pole out…he can dance all he wants if he leaves that alone…

  4. Superlesbian says:

    No, Fucking NO!

    • tc says:

      Ladies pole dancing on BART 3 feet away and people are STILL trying to act cool like their cell phones are more interesting??? Fucked up

      • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

        They’re probably just embarrassed for the poor pretentious dancers. I know I would be.

        • Jon z says:

          i don’t think anybody should be discouraged from making art, good or bad.
          Critics like you aren’t really doing anything for anyone.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            That is the worst philosophy ever.

          • GG says:

            “i don’t think anybody should be discouraged from making art, good or bad.”

            Agreed! Embarrassingly bad art is the most entertaining of all.

  5. He’s always at 16th/Mission stretchin it out on the platform. Pleeyaying on the cross bar. I stand behind him and sing about a tiny dancer…

  6. Jon z says:

    Simply appreciating weird stuff like this and not making fun is what’s great about San Francisco.

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