Rad Muni shirts for sale

These are the three designs available now, and the 49 Van ness is on its way soon I think. All are available in a multitude of color combinations. Visit the Sexpigeon Shop to choose your favorite!

To read about the history of these storied t-shirt designs, go here.

(And if you’d prefer to purchase a shirt from the original run — pictured below — we still have a handful left; shoot us an email.)

23 Responses to “Rad Muni shirts for sale”

  1. Why is none of this stuff ever on BLACK?

  2. GG says:

    I want a 36 Teresita shirt! Nobody but me would buy one.

  3. truth says:

    Do you guys get any money for this advertising?

  4. scum says:

    Don’t really think these are rad but If there was a 55 Sacramento one I might buy it.

  5. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    totes radical to the max. if there was one for the 13-Biscuit line i’d totes buy that shit.

  6. secret admirer says:

    Those dudes are HAWT!

  7. Quin2013 says:

    nice. I think I’ll buy the 38 Geary in Black.

    Gotto rep the crazy 38 line.

  8. Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

    These are pretty cool! You should make one for the late, lamented 26-Valencia, though!

  9. gimmie a bart shirt!!!!!

  10. Jam says:

    Am I the only person that takes the 48 and the 67(Bernal Heights)?

  11. d says:

    i want a shirt for da 1 California B~)

  12. kevin says:

    I’m in hipster hell right now..