Feel-good hit of the summer

It’s this new single “Hoop of Love” by local band Dominant Legs (pictured). The Bay Bridged wrote about it a few weeks back and I’ve listened to it multiple times every day since. It sounds unlike anything else out there I think. It’s happy and weird. It’s the feel-good hit of the summer. Read about it and listen to it here.

Dominant Legs play the Independent tonight in support of Real Estate, and it appears tickets are still available.

9 Responses to “Feel-good hit of the summer”

  1. rightofway says:

    I have to hit like to listen to their song? fuck marketing, and fuck your band.

  2. Joycie Skuter-Labya says:

    This song is goood. I wish I could go tonight…

  3. |||||| says:

    Oh nice! I’ve been looking for that Blind Lemon band from the 80′s!

    • dave says:

      are you talking about blind lemon jefferson? ’cause I blelieve he was actually from the 20′s, or maybe blind melon from the 90′s. I dismiss you as you dismiss this song.

  4. lyosinpinj says:

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