Yelp’s default image for Shotwell’s

Basically I just wanted to have two butt posts in a row — but, rad that Yelp is really selling the sizzle, right?

[via Ticklefight] [Photo by Thomas H.]

17 Responses to “Yelp’s default image for Shotwell’s”

  1. ohyeah says:

    I’d tap that

  2. scum says:

    That is an epic as..

  3. someone says:

    I love how this is his Thomas H’s only review.

    I did however vote is as “Very Helpful” and “Suggest As Primary Photo”. Incase you were wondering.

  4. Jay Beaman says:

    This makes me very happy.

  5. Tony The Pony says:

    And 1.

  6. sixtypercenttogether says:

    8 ball in center pocket

  7. monkeeknifefight says:

    That’s an old-ass picture. Note the Thieves Tavern-era stadium seating. And prostitutes rarely frequent the bar anymore…

  8. Jules says:

    Who left their light saber in the corner?

  9. yeah says:

    that’s one of them brazilian “horse” asses! I would be willing to buy that ass a very comfortable seat.

  10. Y8 says:

    Ummm…Look at those sexy butts pretty firm there…:-)