Four bikes, two locks

The stakes have been raised once again!  This clever use of geometry takes the previously-featured 2 bikes, 1 lock formula to the next power by exponentially increasing the parties involved.  While not necessarily as efficient as the aforementioned 3 bikes, 1 lock solution, this nonetheless makes for quite the sidewalk spectacle.  Which one gets the grand prize for bike lock ingenuity?  I will leave that to you, gentle reader.

Of course, one thing is for sure:  This is way better than 2 bikes, no locks!  No way I’ll be able to teach any lessons in this case…

[via Corntard]


Two bikes, one lock

Three bikes, one lock

Two bikes, no lock

4 Responses to “Four bikes, two locks”

  1. new says:

    I accept this challenge.

  2. Brittany says:

    I’m going to be patiently waiting for your riveting peanut butter post!

  3. survigoo says:

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