What did you do with your Christmas tree?


Looks like this one didn’t make it out to Ocean Beach before the traditional Christmas tree bonfire. Which, may I add, is the classiest way for a Christmas tree to go out–like Bon Jovi in a blaze of glory (or not).

8 Responses to “What did you do with your Christmas tree?”

  1. Sweet T says:

    Apparently, someone made a Christmas tree bonfire in Dolores Park on New Year’s eve. Witnesses say the flames were nearly two stories high. I didn’t see it myself, but I came across this information from a very credible (some say incredible) source.

  2. Saving them for next year.

  3. kylem says:

    Fuck anyone who’s stupid enough to burn a big pile of shit during a winter so dry that the pollution in the air could be cut with a knife. How many spare the air days have we had lately? Fuck you, seriously.

    • EH says:

      Steer your ire toward PG&E, who never once had to respect a spare-the-air day.

      • kylem says:

        Yeah, which logical fallacy is it when someone tries to make one thing ok by saying something else is worse?

        Less bad smelling shit is still shit. And anyone smart enough to know what PGE is doing to us should be smart enough to not at to the pile.

  4. Tabby says:

    some loser burned their christmas tree outside my apartment at 3am the other night.. in the street, against the curb, where there’s all kinds of fun things to catch on fire. i had to call the fire department! why does anyone think this is a good idea?!?