Haters in the comments

The Believer takes a look at the phenomenon in a piece titled “Haterade“:

[M]any readers seem to be approaching their commenting privileges like teenagers with newly minted driver’s licenses. Belted in by anonymity and often distracted by the equally reckless ravings of their peers, they take potshots, spread untruths, and, at their worst, spew racism and bigotry that would put a professional writer out of business in a nanosecond. In so doing, they spread a rancor that can eclipse not only the original article but also the comments of readers who take a more constructive, civil approach. They take the very privilege the internet has afforded all of us—the privilege of equal opportunity, instant expression—and spit on it, making the very notion of “speaking your mind” seem almost like a dirty practice, the national pastime of the lowest common denominator.


38 Responses to “Haters in the comments”

  1. thbbbpppt says:


  2. Jamie Jams says:

    These people obviously don’t know what they are talking about.

  3. NoneMoreBlack says:

    Welcome to the internet?

  4. GG says:

    Thanks for the link — that piece was worth reading in its entirety (I love the Believer), even though it’s long.

  5. Haz Been says:

    Stop posting juvenile material and you’ll stop getting juvenile responses.

    PS. The Mission district is nothing but a modern day is like Disneyland for 20-Something transplants, desperately seeking affirmation cause they didn’t get it at home in Arkansas. Wanna hear “Shit San Franciscans Say?” How about, “I never go to the Mission anymore cause it’s self-indulgent, over-exposed incarnation of the Marina, only I prefer the Marina nowadays cause it’s less pretentous.”

  6. Poplocker says:

    Why be so affected and take those comments so seriously within a very unserious and unprofessional medium of comment-posting. This is subjective, opinionated, unintelligent rabble and you seem to be stooping down to the haters themselves with this romantic flowery article. You are simply revealing your weakness so quit whining about the intrinsic ugly and negative nature of the internet and deal with it you commie! What were you born yesterday?

  7. Tom in SFCA says:

    I’ve lived in the same apartment in the Mission for 23 years. The other night we went to dinner at a place on Russian Hill. I felt like I was visiting San Francisco.

  8. 011101 010101 says:

    yeah–welcome to the internet. also, 99% of us aren’t professional writers nor do we care to be. we’re allowed to express our opinions–granted, many people may be “stupid,” “retarded” and ridiculous (no quotations required) but that’s what it is. also–half of the silly comments people post are in response to equally silly posts! i totally get what this person is saying but really? don’t act so self-righteous, please. no thank you. :) :)

  9. Nosmo King says:

    Tony Millionaire is more better than any of this crap. Long live TM!

  10. Meow says:

    I raped my cat.

  11. ALWAYS HIGH says:


    • I am bitter says:

      I’m not high but I’m still drunk from my “America Tripps” drinking game.

      Does that count?? Can I still force people to read my stupid comments???

  12. kylem says:

    Interesting complaint from a site that let’s you know your comment has been replied to by sending and email reading:

    “Are you going to let [person who replied] get away with that? If not, why don’t you reply back?”

    This site is built to antagonize. It feeds on it. It would be nothing without it.

    • GG says:

      See, I wouldn’t know that because I’ve never gone out of my way to click “Notify me of follow-up comments via e-mail.” You’re complaining that MM is notifying you of replies to your comment after you ASKED them to let you know?

  13. dave says:

    “The Marina feels less pretentious nowadays.”

    Ouch. That stings.

    I recognize that sting to be the hurt of truth.

  14. Aaron says:

    Why not just do away with comments and publish letters once a week?

  15. damian says:

    hatin in the mission?dont beleive it!!!look(or read)at all the comments of SUPPORT for the 24th. st.(“alledged”)rapist on bygone pages..he had more support than mother theresa would have had..hardly ANY disgust;or revulsion for those unspeakably savage and predatory crimes against female residents;only a VERY FEW seemed upset at those vicious cowardly crimes..let alone hate!!!!!always concerned about his “civil rights”;always throwing dought about the crimes(dna AND his own confessions eliminated those doughts)hate in the mission??? ha!!!!!