New Dolores Park playground looking just about done thanks to addition of giant footbridge

Fancy! Photos by Dolores Park Works.

Here it is high above the park, coming in for a landing:

40 Responses to “New Dolores Park playground looking just about done thanks to addition of giant footbridge”

  1. MrEricSir says:

    Was this bridge made in China too?

  2. Does it have a metal slide that heats up to 300 degrees in direct sunlight and gives you tetanus from rust? That was my playground as a kid.

  3. scum says:

    Bridge On The River Why?

  4. Blog Death says:

    Negative comments ahead by 3…..

  5. Bauman Landscape is the primary contractor. As for who might have made the bridge, they list a bunch of sub-contractors here.

    Maybe it was MC Metals (the $45K item)? Total speculation on my part, but hey, metal! They’re based in Bayview off Ingalls.

  6. manymachines says:

    I know I’m a dad and everything, but this looks pretty cool.

  7. 3.4 year old Taquita Justice is now yelling out TAKE IT TO THE BRIDGE when we go by. (I previously had her convinced it was a rocket launch pad.)

  8. Jekka says: says construction done at the end of the month!

  9. Janey Smith says:

    A newer, prettier place to buy drugs–beneath the Dolores Park footbridge.

  10. Janey Smith says:

    Also a sweet place to make out drunk.

  11. Wc1 says:

    Totally making that my base and throwing any kid who challenges me over the side.

  12. wizzer says:

    Great project! can’t wait to see it done and used by everyone.

    too bad for all the negative, immature comments.

    • Are you serious? Let me guess… You are

      A. A new homeowner to the city (within the last 15 years. probably less.) OR. You moved to the city and rent some swanky multi bedroom apartment and commute to your job that requires you to own a lexus or a prius with parking.

      B. You are at least (god i hope!) over 45 years old.

      C. Never got to either make out or get drunk with anyone at any park when you were youthful and still had a tiny sense of humor.

      It is people like this wizzer who is just not clever enough, or local enough to know what San Francisco is made of and for sure used to be made of. Thanks to uptight complainers our utopia is getting fully gentrified just like any other stuck up tight assed community that is located behind gates. Where did all of you NIMBY’s come from and why dont you give us back our bohemian paradise! No one asked you to move here and implement your uptight demands ok.

      • chillout, you can still drink here says:


        a) does one need to live here less than 15 years OR be a renter to have a “legitimate” opinion about a new playground in a city park? if so, does it really matter if they drive a car or where they are fortunate enough to work?

        b) are there any other demographic criteria you’d like to add? you’re on thin ice on this one, with all due respect.

        c) what does making out or drinking have to do with any of this?

        if i’m not mistaken, our parks are a shared resource for all of us lucky enough to call this fair city our home, regardless of who we are, how many years we’ve been here, who we love (and/or fuck), how much money we make, how we struggle to make our living, how we get from a-to-b, and what we choose to drink in the park beautiful sunny saturday in early feb.

        one love

      • Safetyfurst says:

        D. You better be telling your friends to email city council to save the gold dust lounge.

  13. Lyle Lanley says:

    A sound platform for the monorail I’ve been demanding.


  14. Report from kids, 9 and 5: “when it opens we are going to run there and stay all day!”

  15. EH says:

    Looks like a great place to set up the drum circle from now on. Hope you guys weren’t planning on using it!

  16. Somejuan says:

    Great! Can’t wait to hang my kid’s bday piñata from that bridge.

  17. buzzgirl says:

    Maybe it’s the mom in me, but I swear, all I see when I look at the photos is toddlers falling ass over head down those stairs….and who thought those freaking boulders were a good idea? Sheesh.