Super Bowl plans?

Our boy Rob at Thieves Tavern (the one on 14th Street) has a tempting offer:

I’m doing a deal with TCB courier. Anyone who orders food from them [today] gets a free shot.

Football rules! Check out TCB’s order forms here.

17 Responses to “Super Bowl plans?”

  1. truth says:

    I thought this was a particularly poor ad post. When you guys include more fluff it makes it seem less like a shameless plug. Try to work on it.

    • Allan Hough says:

      It is a shameless plug. I have no shame about plugging the businesses and individuals I like. Why should I?

      Do you want to meet up some time and talk about all of this face to face? I’ll buy you a drink. Or you can continue being a sour, nameless troll that just brings everybody down.

      • batman says:

        batman could use a drink ! WHEN AND WHERE ? LOL and really, these guys are showing you what their own personal experiences and connections they have in the mission, nothing more, nothing less.. what we should really take out of this is the following : SOMEONE IN THE MISSION HAS ALOT OF WHISKEY THAT NEED TO BE DRUNK ! lets go help them :)

      • milimo says:

        Allan, if I say something unkind to you, will you buy me a drink and talk to me, too? I enjoy your blog and agree with your posting philosophy, but I don’t have a job or many friends, so in the interest of conversation and a beverage, I’m happy to muster an insult. Whaddaya say?

      • let’s hold office hours at bender’s one day so all the trolls can stop by and explain their trolldom. i’ll even buy them all drinks!

    • At what point will you admit that cannot connect, on any level, with the zeitgeist of this blog, and simply go away? There must be some place where you would feel more comfortable than here — why not go there, and be happier?

      • truth says:

        A few things:

        1. This blog used to be less about recommending places and things to buy. Now it is saturated with said content. It is unfortunate and lame.
        2. I am pretty happy here.
        3. It’s not trolling if it’s valid criticism. If anything, it was boring content whether or not it was intended as a plug. If content on this blog was only occasionally this poor I wouldn’t comment. Now that it’s like this every day sometimes I just can’t help myself.
        4. I’m sorry if this makes you sad, but you are a blog named missionmission that now spends a ton of time on telling “hip” yuppies where to buy 12 dollar sandwiches. It wasn’t always like this. If it had always been like this I never would have started reading.
        5. I appreciate the offer to get a drink, but me listening to you tell me how it sucks that I’m a dick on your blog doesn’t sound like fun. Sorry!

  2. Seriously? says:

    How is it that you take such offense to us pointing out that you are producing bad posts, but actually refuse to improve the quality of the posts? Maybe we are right?

    • Allan Hough says:

      Show me the money.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      I don’t understand these people who get so upset that Random Free Blog(tm) is advertising stuff. So the people who post are into Ping-Pong and want people to go to their friends’ bars! So what? If you feel offensively merchandised to, then go elsewhere. If you don’t like what they happen to posting ABOUT, then either go elsewhere or stay and make fun of it. But being so grumpy about the mere fact that such posting is taking place is just ridiculous.

    • Travis says:

      If you don’t like it, you don’t have to read it.

  3. batman says:

    a woman stretched out over boxes and boxes of whiskey ! HOTTEST PIC ON MM EVER !