Tecate party time excellent!

[Shirts Are Sick via Bad Kids]

15 Responses to “Tecate party time excellent!”

  1. wizzer says:

    They both look gay.

  2. J-Lub says:

    “If you can find an original for less, by all means go and buy it. Or if you want to buy a reproduction, fine, that doesn’t make you any less of a fan then [sic] purchasing the real thing. There are a select few/collectors that do actually purchase these shits [sic] who know what they are and understand the market value for them.”

  3. yes says:

    +1 again

  4. somejuan says:

    When I was a kid I used to wear a t-shirt that had “I Tecate my body” silkscreened on it. I got free at a Cinco de Mayo festival and it was a kid-sized t-shirt.

  5. wizzer says:

    Just to clarify and calm all you haters down a little, these two adorable guys do like like some “local” Hawaiian boys I used to know at Hula’s Bar and Lei Stand in Honolulu, where I used to live. sunglasses, board shorts and great tattoos.

    so there.

  6. moderniste says:

    I can’t help but wonder if those stone dancing dudes make that scraping sound that big pieces of stone make when they rub together.