Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Favorite Spots

Every week, photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us. He picks the 13 best photos and we post them here, and it’s called “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos.” Here’s what Joshua has to say about this week’s installment:

I took Lindsey around to some of my favorite spots in the Mission. She’s beyond words, so I’m not going to take this opportunity to try.

I will say hello to my friends at 2601, Noisebridge, Clothes Contact & the Mission Library. Thank you for not kicking me out, despite my bad manners in sobriety matters.

Thanks, Joshua! Ten more shots after the jump:

49 Responses to “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: Favorite Spots”

  1. Andy says:

    Nice Karmann Ghia. Nice shooting the Attic as if it were a place with light half the time.

  2. Erik says:

    I guess this is one of those projects where the framing and exposure/lighting is intentionally terrible?

  3. al pal says:

    Wow this girl is exceptionally cute

  4. Lindsey says:

    I <3 Josh forever.

  5. Steve-Z says:

    More aptly titled “Look at This Fucking Hipster with Joshua Cobos”? Meant in the best way possible, of course.

  6. Doint says:

    Like sands through the hourglass so are honkeys in the Mission

  7. KyleM says:

    I take picture too. Can I be on the site?

  8. Aurora says:

    Josh I like this set very much.

    fuck the haters. a few of these shots are spectacular and I can tell who your influences may be. you have good taste.

    there is always a gap between good taste and a masterpiece. as long as you keep working, you will close the gap and your work will be in line with your taste and ambitions.


  9. Claire says:

    what kind of camera and film do you use?

  10. no.thanks. says:

    these do not feel original.

    sorry, call me a prick if you would like.

  11. dave says:

    This is an early April Fool’s Day joke, right?

    An Onion version of a Mission hipster blog?

    Don’t get me wrong, everyone who moves to the big city and gets a fancy new camera that they’re learning how to use should be allowed to photograph young women in various urban cliches. It’s practically a rite of passage.

    But the ‘tude and snarkiness expressed towards anyone who doesn’t bow down and say ‘wow, kid! You’re clearly a gifted genius with that camera of yours!” strikes me as atypical for this blog.

    • dave says:

      BTW, this really wasn’t meant to be a personal attack on the photographer, that’s just how I write. He seems to have some interesting ideas about light that could lead to good things.

      I wouldn’t have made a response on this thread at all if it weren’t for the shortness of some of the comments made by the otherwise affable blog administrators.

      That’s why I seriously wonder if it’s an April Fool’s joke.

      • D. Jon Moutarde says:

        Although, you know, it’s not actually April 1st. Or even close enough to slop over. So saying that makes you sound kind of stupid.

        • dave says:

          Hey Mustard, I said ‘an EARLY April Fool’s Day’, and Apr. 1 is less than a week away.

          Now stop embarrassing yourself.

          • D. Jon Moutarde says:

            Yeah, you said “early” in your earlier post — not the one I actually replied to, but whatever — and WHO THE FUCK CARES?

            If you’re going to manipulate responses to your posts in that way, then I think you have to accept the fact that some people are going to reject your demand that they behave as you would like them to.

  12. batman says:

    so the content here is now ..” let me take pics of a hipster girls i want to fuck” and we call it content? batman is offended !

  13. Laughing says:

    Art is Art? that is the joke.

    This is far from art.

  14. that guy says:

    as long as the chicks hot.

  15. wrybread says:

    I love the pics. And given the style of photography we’re all used to looking at (i.e., digital), these are downright refreshing. And of course the subject matter kicks ass.

    As far as the haters, predictable haters predictably hate this. Nothing new here.

    • dave says:

      Hmm. I’m neutral on the subject matter, which is being diplomatic. But I would say that every hipster with a phone cam is chronicling the Mission, so that subject matter is nothing new.

      And really, considering the lack of cohesiveness of the collection and the randomly overexposed nature of some of the photos, I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what’s so great about them.

      “Refreshing” is a nice, diplomatic non-compliment.

      Could the reality be that *gasp* the hipsters on this blog actually don’t know the difference between good art and bad art? Could it be that they are so into themselves and their own “slumming in the Mission food court experience” that they are incapable of recognizing the difference between good art and bad art in the same way they are incapable of recognizing that their kid-in-Disneyland sensibilities are turning the Mission into the Marina?

      That would certainly explain a few things.

      • wrybread says:

        God you have like 5 posts bashing these pictures.

        We get it. You don’t like the pictures. And you don’t like hipsters.

        Feel better?

        Now please take your negative ass somewhere else?

      • Daryl F. says:

        You give your ignorance away by objectively distinguishing between ‘good art’ and ‘bad art’. I think City College might offer an intro to art appreciation class.

  16. I don’t have an opinion on these pictures but there are a pretty good amount of comments in this entry to LYKE….he must be doing something right. Why u so mad guys?