I just saw the dudes who are posting the fake ads on the bus

I had the pleasure of watching one of the new fake bus ads go up today. I was on the 49 when two young males boarded. One mentioned concernedly to the other that there was no one driving the bus. I informed them that the driver was behind the bus fixing the wires, which had fallen off the lines as the bus turned off 16th onto Mission. They removed the poster above from a small cardboard box and slipped it into an empty spot. Once their culture-jamming was complete, they quickly sped off out the back door. I tried to snap a pic of the culprits, but it was pretty grainy and I don’t know if I’d post it anyway. Suffice it to say that one of them had a pretty sweet mustache.

25 Responses to “I just saw the dudes who are posting the fake ads on the bus”

  1. Teotwawki Jones says:

    Homophobic little white boy pricks from Marin are really hot right now.

  2. jlassen says:

    Once again with the “If you are going to do this shit, at least be good at it” complaint.

    A fart joke, and a (being charitable) reference to deadwood/homophobic joke?


  3. I just wish says:

    I just wish the comment was better. Fartine is what a nine year old comes up with and demonizing someone who does something as lovely, and honorable as sucking a dick is just bullshit. No matter who’s doing it. To whom.

    • wrybread says:

      Totally agreed.

      Hopefully they’ll establish a precedent, and someone with a bit more wit will follow.

  4. orki says:

    Can anyone read the name that is in the lower right corner of this fake ad? Whoever is leaving these ‘joke’ ads is also leaving his moniker on it as well.

    And I agree, they aren’t really creative. I’d hope for something that looks more subtly like a real advertisement. It would last longer and give people more time to actually wonder why the hell it would be up there in the first place.

  5. scum says:

    pic(s) or it didn’t happen.

  6. loinscum says:

    its like you people expect every idea to be the next mona lisa

    ya gotta start somewhere

    • orki says:

      With the production value of these ads (glossy paper, some Photoshop skills, correct proportions for the slot), one might at least attempt to extend their ideas past fart and cum jokes.

    • scum says:

      You can’t spell scum without cum.

    • MrEricSir says:

      That’s not it at all. The bar for “culture-jamming” is already quite low. Just look at Ron English, who’s made a career out of repeatedly stating the obvious.

      The problem with these guys is that despite their skill and dedication, the humor has all the blandness and immaturity of a morning zoo radio show.

  7. sfosparky says:

    Don’t these individuals understand that pandering to the lowest common denominator with infantile attempts at humour, sexual or otherwise, is reserved only for corporations with advertising budgets?

    Insulting the public’s intelligence insulted is acceptable only when done for purposes of advocating recreational over-consumption. How dare these hooligans intrude into the sanctity of the advertiser-passenger relationship!

  8. HotwireMY says:

    These ads still beat the hell out of those wannabe half-assed ‘street-art’ stencils done by reject art students in the city! Keep it up!

  9. Willie_Biggs says:

    I’ve been seeing these ads up on the busses quite frequently lately and I have to say these dudes are on to something…

    I didn’t know they were creating such a buzz until one of my friends (Visiting from New York) showed on this site last night. I’ll definitely snap a shot the next time I see one…. Even if these dudes are upsetting you, they are getting all of you talking and that’s exactly what they want.

  10. Kp says:

    This is awesome. I am sick of the real ads! Tums should pay royalties to the kids! Tums is now my favorite antacid.

    Fellow readers lets give them more ideas! This is better than facbook, it is f*ink with an assine and unpopular public transit system.

  11. Sweet Jesus says:

    I saw the very same thing on the 49 last Friday. In the time of one stop he boarded, slapped up this little gem http://instagr.am/p/K0gq5HqjaW and was off

  12. guero310 says:

    These are so cool! The best thing is when the kids see them with their parents. You know those poor, little brown ones who we completely ignore as we all live out our transgressive Chuck Palahniuk fantasies.

  13. tastr says:

    And then the bots and shills came and it was all over

  14. animaldance says:

    duh, how else do u think they put it up.

  15. The Tens says:

    These are not even to the level of Wacky Packages: http://bit.ly/JjgYDc