Zoltar machine debuts at Alley Cat Books on 24th Street

Alley Cat’s Dan Weiss hips us to the news (via an email titled “I wish I was big”):

Here he is, ZOLTAR in his new home in the gallery at alley cat books on 24th @treat. We have big plans for him that may or may not involve giving book recommendations, for now though he’s in basic fortune-telling mode. Incidentally we are also looking for suggestions for a name for our gallery and offering 50 dollar gift certificates to the best three ideas (Alleycatbookssf@gmail.com)

Thanks, Dan!

4 Responses to “Zoltar machine debuts at Alley Cat Books on 24th Street”

  1. Maybe it will turn us all into temporary grownups like Tom Hanks in Big!

  2. MrEricSir says:

    There’s actually a guy sitting in that box wearing a mask. At any second he’s going to throw the door open and jump out.

    You just wait…

  3. lihanre says:

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