BARTscalator Capacitor runs out of Flux

24th St BART Escalator Update:

No escalating. But a new sign!

Hey, wait, July’s almost August. Aaahh, I see, this memo is actually from May.

Anyway, I’m guessing we’ve passed the point of a “minor” repair? I say we just skip this escalation and implement Futurama-style pneumatic tubes. Though if this continues, the flux could build up to such a level that some passengers might enter a vortex and find themselves back in an alternate 1960s where we had BART hovercraft.


UPDATE: Mission Loc@l reports that there’s an oversensitive sensor to blame:

The escalator is back in service most of the time but there is a sensor that stops the escalator if a certain weight is exceeded. Technicians have made some adjustments to make the device less sensitive. Hopefully, that will work and will keep the escalator in service.

Vic Wong summarizes this for us:


11 Responses to “BARTscalator Capacitor runs out of Flux”

  1. GG says:

    It’s great that even when the fix was believed to be “minor,” it was still expected to be out of service for two months. What’s BART’s definition of a “major” repair, then? Also, the memo talks about “once we are able to dismantle the escalator”… If its completely out of service and can therefore be worked on around the clock, how can it possibly take more than 24-48 hours just to take the thing apart? The good news is that my expectations for BARt are so low, I don’t expect anything to work anyway.

  2. timbo says:

    Yep, too many fatties.

  3. test says:


  4. word says:

    union workers

  5. trixrforkids says:

    who needs a gym membership when you can just go to bart’s 24th street station?

  6. happy420 says:

    I’m just glad that they use all that good repair money keeping BART pigs ammo’d up. You never know when there’ll be a nearly unconscious drunk person on the platform to kill.

  7. doogiehowsah says:

    Wow, it’s such an interesting coincidence that as the story of BART neglecting Mission stations started to gain traction, this story suddenly comes out, blaming dirty poor people for the problem:

    Every interaction I’ve had with BART about improving infrastructure or cleanliness at SF, especially Mission, stations has been characterized by a shocking level of overt classism and implied racism, and the general answer has been that money shouldn’t be wasted attempting to improve SF stations because “those people” don’t take care of them anyway. It’s disgusting. BART is evil.