Here is the revised Dolores Park renovation plan, coming soon to Dolores Park, maybe

Another step in the long hike toward a completely upgraded Dolores. (Wherein the 20th and Church overlook becomes all fancy instead of all janky.) Dolores Park Works highlights some changes:

  • The North Restroom is now closer to the playground.
  • The steps to down to the abandoned 19th Street J Church stop are  now persevered.
  • The South Restroom will not have a living roof.
  • The 18th Street entrance to the maintenance yard is now closer to Church Street to preserve the flow of the 18th Street lawn.

Have a look:

Read on for more graphics and reporting.

13 Responses to “Here is the revised Dolores Park renovation plan, coming soon to Dolores Park, maybe”

  1. Mission Mission says:

    And, by the way, (3 people unfriended you)!

    While you were looking at this!

  2. MissionSmisshion says:

    So they are turning hipster beach into a dog park eh? Let’s see how that blows over

  3. ElizaMellon says:

    Dorner Park.

  4. blah says:

    Every time I look at that guy on the left side of the picture I think he’s shooting pepper spray at somebody just outside the frame.

  5. LetMeIn says:

    I can’t wait until they pave over this hipster trap and throw up some lofts.

  6. Abolish the use of "Meh" in the USA says:

    Bring back the cemetery.

  7. GG says:

    It took me waaaay too long to figure out that you meant “preserved.” Time for more coffee.

  8. doofus says:

    Benches without backs.. brilliant.. man, landscape architects are idiots.

    • Erik says:

      They are probably harder to sleep on with less surface area to tag.

      • heyo says:

        Yup. Those benches are designed to stop people sleeping on them. Don’t want to make any yuppies uncomfortable.

    • Ryan says:

      Prediction: people start sitting on the ground in front of the benches, leaning onto the bench itself.

      Fuckin’ architects, making pseudo-modernist bullshit that’s more concerned with appearance than use.

  9. Kristina says:

    To play devil’s advocate, maybe backless benches are a good way to try to make sure that people can sit while watching both sides. Eyes on both sides means more eyes on the park and less worry about what might happen when you have your back turned…which means less fear/violence, people feel safe-they start spending time outside. Maybe it could be good.