Local hotties Oliver Piazza and David Saracino in the pages of GQ

The regular GQ feature Street Style took a trip to SF to see how we do it our west, and apparently we do pretty alright:

Lookin’ good, boys! [link]

(Thanks, Mikey!)

9 Responses to “Local hotties Oliver Piazza and David Saracino in the pages of GQ”

  1. jono says:

    also bookseller dude from alleycat books/phoenix books looking in his bag

  2. rectilinear says:

    More like “Valencia between 14th and 18th Streets Style”, amirite?

  3. dude says:

    ^^ yup, some lazy ass photo piece.

    • nathaniel Taylor says:

      damn lazy… they could have just saved the trip, compared SF to Brooklyn to Portland, found a bunch of free images on instagram and rewrote another yet ‘lame’ article trying to pin down hipsterism.

  4. J-Train says:

    Ah yes, nothing says GQ like wrapping a pair of jeans around your neck and wearing an 80s flower print hat backwards.

  5. Milk Steak says:

    ^^ Seriously. “Justin Bridges heads to Four Barrel to capture West Coast style in action”?

  6. lalo says:

    Dave’s outside the building !!

  7. thuglifecrunk187 says:

    if you see yourself lookin like these cats best head for the bridge.

    (jump off)

  8. Hahaha says:

    That dude Oliver is a kook! Haha!