Falling in love can change a place

Our pal Valerie, in the latest entry on her blog about subletting in different neighborhoods all over SF, tells the story of a spring romance, and how it made the Mission feel (and how it continues to make the Mission feel, even now that it’s long over):

We finally happened when I moved to Bernal a few months later. I was loitering around 22nd Street when I bumped into Donald and his friends at the Latin American Club. I politely asked how he’d been and if he’d decided on New York. He was going to leave in May. We realized we were going to be neighbors during my stay in Bernal, and joked about how we would throw rocks at each others windows and find ladders so we can climb through, just like in Clarissa Explains it All.

That night continued with peanuts and whiskeys at The Homestead. I suggested we go back to my office and eat Girl Scout cookies but we ended up making out the whole way back to his house.

Read on for the whole story.

[Photo also by Valerie]

One Response to “Falling in love can change a place”

  1. yohans says:

    going through some heartache of my own right now. I liked your story.