Kat and Allan discuss ‘Looking’

Since Looking premiered last night and it’s the first cool show to be set in (and made in) SF since forever, I figured we should do some sort of weekly recap — so I enlisted former Mission Mission editor (and former pro TV blogger) Kat Malinowska. Starting next week, we’ll have proper posts by Kat, but this week all you get is a Gchat:

me: IDEA
me: wanna write a Looking recap every Monday for Mission Mission?
me: doesn’t have to be any better or worse than the average MM post
Kat: you’re in luck, we steal HBO Go from my parents so i get the east cost version
me: excellent!
Kat: fun!
did you watch it?
me: yep!
Kat: the SF locations got me pretty pumped
me: couldn’t believe it, i was AT El Rio yesterday and then I went home and SAW IT ON HBO
Kat: a dream come true!!!
Sent at 10:42 AM on Monday
me: do you have time to do one for this week? otherwise this chat could be this week’s post
like our Mission Street Food review
Kat: nah i’ll start next week
i have no memory of last night besides esta noche and el rio
me: http://www.missionmission.org/2009/12/17/kat-allan-discuss-mission-street-food/
Kat: whoaaaaa
me: there was that joke about the guy moving in because he can’t afford the city anymore
Kat: also, was that guy working at zuni?
also, which park was jonathan groff cruising?
that shit was woodsy
we cruisin the presidio these days/
me: i think Buena Vista Park maybe?
oh yeah BVP makes way sense
we should probably compare and contrast to Girls as well
who’s the jessa?!
me: do we know yet? maybe we’ll find out next week
Kat: i’ll do some research

Any thoughts?

2 Responses to “Kat and Allan discuss ‘Looking’”

  1. Mai says:

    I miss Mission Street Food. Also, pumped for this show.

  2. J-Train says:

    “doesn’t have to be any better or worse than the average MM post” Accurate.