Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: The SF I Knew

Every now and then, photographer Joshua Cobos shoots a roll of film just for us, picks his 13 favorites, and we publish them here and it’s called “Bad Blood.” It used to be weekly but it’s become more sporadic since Joshua’s move to Los Angeles a few months back. He still comes back to SF every chance he gets (which is great for all of us) but regardless of where he shoots his rolls, it’s always a joy to get a peek inside his process with every new edition. Here’s what Joshua has to say about this week’s edition:

This Sears camera I bought for $20 at Glass Key on Haight St. has been good to me. There’s no meter though and since it’s a rangefinder I’m constantly fighting parallax. In this set I’ve included a picture of my old house on bartlett st inspired by a series my friend Diana ( is doing. I went to Pops for it’s last hurrah but the photobooth was already out of commission. How much more of the SF I knew will be gone when I’m there next? Please visit the booth at the Musee Mechanique for me and send me random photostrips. 1416 N. Gardner St #4 90046

Thanks, Joshua! Be sure to follow him on Instagram and on Twitter. Ten more shots after the jump:

3 Responses to “Bad Blood with Joshua Cobos: The SF I Knew”

  1. why says:

    why are you publishing more of this ass clown’s shitty photography? his friends are ugly, too.

  2. why says:

    “bad blood” = “bad photos of ugly people”