Drink of the Week: El-ahrairah!

For years I’ve been trying to come up with a carrot juice-based brunch drink. The tomato juice-based Bloody Mary is one of the most famous and beloved drinks of all time, so why not something with carrot, right? About a decade ago I tried something involving a ton of carrot juice and a ton of Ketel One, and a whole banana as garnish. It was a waste of a ton of carrot juice and a ton of Ketel One and a whole banana.

Now, I’m not saying the El-ahrairah is gonna join the Bloody Mary in the cocktail hall of fame, but it is damn good. The ginger helps mellow the carrot, and the dark rum stands up to all of it better than Ketel One would.

And it goes great with Barrelhead Brewhouse‘s BRUNCH POUTINE.

4 Responses to “Drink of the Week: El-ahrairah!”

  1. COMG says:

    Wrong vegetable! Go for rum and roasted beet juice!