Poop problem

Local renter David Enos experienced an utter bummer the other day:

Someone pooped through our front gate somehow, starting mid-way up, I guess it must have been accomplished with butt resting against the bars in a standing position.  How do you clean this up? We don’t have access to a hose, so I started by throwing a bucket of hot water on it from a few feet away.  A fine mist of water and feces hung in the air.  I went back out with some powdered Ajax and sprinkled it on the remaining mess.  The wind picked up and my throat burned with inhaled bleach.

Pretty awful, but… read on for the secondary problem.

8 Responses to “Poop problem”

  1. Greg says:

    Life in the “big” city. Enjoy.

  2. WaWaWally says:

    You could solve the problem by not voting DemoCrap next time.
    But then what would you have to complain about?

  3. Sfkix says:

    Might kitty litter work for the solids?

  4. He may have to use nuclear force! [cue ominous music]

  5. Oyster Boy says:

    Do you work for Google or something? Go live where people don’t shit on your front porch. You think we’re going to allow gentrification just so you don’t have to dirty your precious hands?

  6. Heather says:

    I’m confused–does this person not know where to obtain bleach, a bucket and disposable gloves? Might want one of those face masks as well.

    Yes, it’s disgusting. But what’s the alternative, leaving feces on your fence?