Zeitgeist-adjacent skatepark now open (after all these years)

5+ years ago was the first time we heard about this project. Today it opened!

[via SF Department of Public Works on Twitter]

7 Responses to “Zeitgeist-adjacent skatepark now open (after all these years)”

  1. Therma says:

    I wish in my place be skatepark like this one, but in my city there is nothing

  2. timbo says:

    I love that the commenters have gotten so positive. Now if only I could find a good place to buy replica watches and top supplements…

  3. Greg says:


  4. Luke says:

    I love this neighborhood!

  5. scum says:

    What a positive site you have here with uplifting comments.

  6. Brien says:

    Going to see if we can do a blog post and feature this !