DIY secret skate ramp


Seriously, did someone just roll by and pour concrete here to make their own mini skatepark? How does one even go about doing that? And who goes around tagging “Dodger” in this town???

(Spotted by our pal Jason, the dapper gentleman pictured here holding my bike)

18 Responses to “DIY secret skate ramp”

  1. bong says:

    not so secret anymore..

  2. keegan says:

    So what is the cross street?

  3. JohnnyL says:

    looks like a super intelligent spot to put a ramp

  4. karl says:

    pouring your own concrete isn’t that uncommon for skaters to do in places like that

  5. Baretta says:

    None of this warrants a blogue poste. Just kids being kids, rolling hard, not givin a #@!*$#

  6. Greg says:

    CALTRANS workers stand in awe at the speed in which this project was done.

  7. dodger says:

    I imagine this would be pretty easy, you just pop on over to ace, get yourself fixed up with a shopping cart and tools to mix concrete, then setup a cardboard box or shitty burning man tent for camouflage, then get to work sculpting your way to internet fame.

  8. Skate Scholar, PhD says:

    it’s easy to make a small concrete spot like this. You just buy some quikrete at lowes or home depot. It’s common in the skate world to build DIY cement spots like this. Lookup washington street project, FDR skatepark, Burnside, Marginal Way, BQE spot, Pontus Alv, etc.