Fayes introduces a Google Glass antidote

Fayes Video (where I worked for a bunch of years around the turn of the millennium) has thrown down the Google Glass gauntlet with a new pint glass that they’ll be selling in the shop. The glasses will be $9.20+tax, so you can buy two of them, hold them up to your eyes and order $1,480 worth of Fayes coffee, knowing you’ve saved a buck or two not buying Google Glass! What a swell way to support a local business!

Thanks, Mike!

23 Responses to “Fayes introduces a Google Glass antidote”

  1. bobtobb says:

    How much did Fayes pay you for this ad?

    • Ariel Dovas says:

      Okay, I’ll play along: Why do you think this is an ad?

      • suckerpunch says:

        “a new pint glass that they’ll be selling in the shop. The glasses will be $9.20+tax”

        Just like an ad!!!

        • Ariel Dovas says:

          Or like a blog post about something offered by a local business that I chose to highlight . . . ? I was clear about my history with Fayes up front, as I have been in other posts about them. I got a picture of this glass, it is relevant to the topics this blog covers, I asked them if they were selling them and for how much. Maybe people are thrown off by me including the price. Or maybe just something to bitch about. I am concerned about ad creep, the way that we are all selling to each other these days. I’m glad people are thinking critically about what is and isn’t an ad, in general.

          • of course says:

            I actually think this is the most straightforward and above board piece of marketing I’ve ever seen on Mission Mission. Ariel is right. He was clear about his connection to Fayes and why he might post something. Way better than the morning food being flown in bullshit or the host of other plugs disguised as “society” pieces over the years.

  2. scum says:

    $10 for an empty pint glass, fuck that.

  3. Silasmoon says:

    Oh wow. Someone else ironically making fun of Google-Glass. Let me just get my water-skis and leather coat so I can jump this shark.

    • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

      Ironically? Really? Doesn’t seem to be much ironic about this, pretty much just open mockery.

      • 18 says:

        more like self-mockery.

        btw, can a video store be any more irrelevant?

        • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

          Self-mockery? I’m confused, are you claiming that this pint glass was made by google to make fun of their own product, but is just being sold at Fayes? That doesn’t seem very likely.

          • 18 says:

            we know. you’re very confused.

          • Herr Doktor Professor Deth Vegetable says:

            I just said that. But, if you’re not going to start making sense, I suppose we’ll all stay confused.

          • of course says:

            Herr is right. You used the term ironically in a completely wrong way and then continued digging once that was pointed out.

          • umm says:

            did you really both miss how there’s irony in a pint glass with the word’s ‘not Google Glass’ printed on it?

          • of course says:

            There is literally nothing “ironic” about a glass that says “not Google glass.” You are confusing sarcasm with irony.

            Feel free to attempt to explain otherwise.

    • I LOVE GLASSES says:

      Using the phrase JUMP THE SHARK is JUMPING THE SHARK.
      Someone creatively making fun of the changes and BS in sf. IF you have something better besides a Happy Days reference let ‘er rip.

      • umm says:

        someone applying a lot of energy to be a hater, the creativity of this is debatable. remember 5 years ago when everyone thought iphones were a sign of the apocalypse? now all those same boneheads are walking around instagramming everything on their smartphone . . .

        • Nope says:

          Little late to the party here. Just can’t leave any ignorant remark supporting Google Glass unchallenged. Google Glass totally sucks. Got it? The very idea of GG sucks and the actual product totally sucks.

          Of course they may very well become ubiquitous in the near future as you suggest. By no means whatsoever would that somehow indicate that they were a positive thing for society. Fuck Google Glass. And god bless anyone doing anything at all to mock them.

          I hope these are still for sale because I plan to walk to Fayes this weekend and buy one. Oh, and Ariel, thank you for letting us know these exist and for supporting our small, local businesses.

  4. Solomon Town says:

    In general, this is a really good idea. Nonetheless, I have a few questions: Do I need two glasses for them to work? What if I close one eye or just have a patch over it? Have you thought about some kinda strap to hold them in place so a person can use them while riding a bike? Is there some sort of safety padding for use while kissing and things like that? And what is the refund policy when Google gets all pissed-off?