Fayes introduces a Google Glass antidote

Fayes Video (where I worked for a bunch of years around the turn of the millennium) has thrown down the Google Glass gauntlet with a new pint glass that they’ll be selling in the shop. The glasses will be $9.20+tax, so you can buy two of them, hold them up to your eyes and order $1,480 worth of Fayes coffee, knowing you’ve saved a buck or two not buying Google Glass! What a swell way to support a local business!

Thanks, Mike!

Today’s birthday roundup

Brought to you by the fine folks at Fayes.

Who needs Facebook!
[pic by Sharon, thanks!]

Lou Reed looks like Frankenstein (‘s monster)

I didn’t say.  Greer said it!

Btw, The Mallard has been killing it lately!  Do yourself a favor and go see them already!


Toilet paper crisis averted

Phew! The Fayes Video sign board once again brings us back from the brink of collapse. This time by solving the age-old question of how toilet paper hangs from its holder. There is a right way and a wrong way. And now we have the proof.

Thanks, Fayes. Specifically for the photo by Mike, of the drawing by Alfonso.

In the interest of disclosure, I worked at Fayes in the years leading up to and immediately following the turn of the century.

The greatness of the signboard previously appeared here, here and here.

What do a giraffe and an apatosaurus (brontosaurus?) have in common?

Now if we’re talking about a brachiosaurus, that’s an entirely different matter!

And don’t forget that today is Official Kitten Sleep Appreciation Day!

Remember to support your local video store!  And this one too!

[Photo by the impeccable Greer]

Cutest Dog Contest today at 3pm at Fayes

Oh yeah, and free coffee.

3614 18th Street, near Guerrero.

Warning sign

Less to complain about at that point. How are you going to justify your excessive drinking?

[pic via @fayesvideo]