Sun punching through

Sign sun punch

Seen on 18th Street.

Pizza Taint & Grill

Prolific tipster Raun has sent us a new area observation. Now open to debate: Does this Mission Street sign for Pizza Joint seem to advertise a much less delectable savory treat, the Pizza Taint? Raun’s graphic designer housemate thinks so.

Another side of Arinell’s

A Side of Arinell's

Doug’s Suds

Doug's Suds

New sign now up. Just in case you hadn’t seen it yet.

Warning sign

Less to complain about at that point. How are you going to justify your excessive drinking?

[pic via @fayesvideo]

Your Mom’s Cocktails

Your Mom's Cocktails

We Be Sushi is awesome. Their sushi is reasonably priced and super tasty. Sometimes your server will even give you a personality reading with your food. Not in a rude way, in an . . . intuitive way.

The thing that always boggled me about this place is the sign out front. We Be serves beer, sake, that kind of thing, but I haven’t seen any liquid actually being mixed. And nothing in a martini glass. The plain looking sign on top suggests that the sushi is made the way that somebody’s mom made. The sign below is more specific. It’s also specifically awesome.

So, what’s the deal with the sign? It’s been a sushi restaurant for over 20 years, did they ever have a full bar? According to a server who’s worked there for a while the cocktail sign is actually original, even though they never had cocktails. At some point the sign was made special for the owner. She pointed him out behind the counter, expertly rolling sushi, and said that the mother’s face is actually his own.

At that point I kind of figured I had gotten enough of the story. Better to leave the rest to conjecture. The fact that it fits that well and is also totally out of place is part of what I love about it.

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