Sun punching through

Sign sun punch

Seen on 18th Street.



Ray Cruz, BS

Congrats, Mr. Cruz. We wish you well.

We do wish you’d reconsider your decision to practice your new livelihood at a more suitable office location, however. Nevertheless, your plainly mounted degree, visible to all, helps us to appreciate what is surely a high degree of skill that you offer your clients.

Bike Ra: The Legend Lives

Does anybody want to come up with a depiction of the Egyptian God of Bicycles?

Update: Tina P sends us an image of Bike Ra. Rad, Tina! I’m thinking the ankh is some kind of ancient U-Lock.

Lost and Farted

Beth W. alerts us to this urgent plea.

Lost fart

Be a good neighbor and see what you can do to help out.

Thanks Beth!

Wet Pain

Wet Pain
It’s an old joke, but here it is.

Sorry We're Open

Sorry We're Open
Aaaa! What am I supposed to do here?!