Pizza Taint & Grill

Prolific tipster Raun has sent us a new area observation. Now open to debate: Does this Mission Street sign for Pizza Joint seem to advertise a much less delectable savory treat, the Pizza Taint? Raun’s graphic designer housemate thinks so.

13 Responses to “Pizza Taint & Grill”

  1. fakejoebiden says:

    No, it definitely says “Pizza Joint”. That’s a “J-o”, not a “T-a”.

  2. joseph says:

    advice re the pizza taint: that ain’t pepperoni.

  3. Rhiannon says:

    I hope it’s at least drunkgood, because I’m jazzed about the possibility of pizza a block from my house. There’s also a new coffee shop over there too.

  4. GG says:

    A “pizza taint” is a calzone. T’ain’t quite a pizza, t’ain’t quite a sandwich.

  5. uncomfortably hip says:

    Thought the same thing a couple days ago while walking by – ‘Pizza Taint’ it is!

  6. W says:

    I would say it’s just this side of drunk-tolerable…

  7. no cal says:

    I seriously don’t understand how business owners can overlook the importance of aesthetics. Walked by this place the other day, ugh, the “hallelujah jamborees” led by the central americans down the street seem more inviting. Stale look, no sense of originality…