Is That Lou Reed in Your Raincoat?

Mm, no. Just some smudges and blotches. Or maybe Robert Smith and a baboon? You be the judge:

This is probably still on the rack by the checkout line at Thrift Town if you’re into it.


Punk Rockers Employed By the Government Are Causing Trouble in a Puerto Rican Neighborhood

Lou Reed Defaced

8 Responses to “Is That Lou Reed in Your Raincoat?”

  1. Kevin says:

    I remember back when I used to actually get useful information from this blog. Ah, progress!

  2. bootinsoup says:

    dead from mayhem?

  3. I could throw down on either side of this feud but, ultimately, I have to go with DON’T BE A TROLL, KEVIN.

  4. scum says:

    I just come here to talk shit because I AM a cranky, old white guy.