Does the bartender who seems to like you really actually like you?

Local veteran barfly David Enos thinks not:

Group of cool guys on the train tonight, each with khakis, thick frame glasses, desert boots, hoodies.  ”Cantina’s where its at because the bartender knows us, he knows us, we’re down.  We go in, our table’s the focal point, we can get loud and not be kicked out.  I, personally, have gotten into some awesome conversations with random people in there.  We start a fight, the bartender’s on our side, he’s fightin’ with us, know what I mean?” I guarantee that the bartender of this establishment hates these cretins to the core.

Ouch. Read on for some thoughts on whether or not these guys are good tippers.

[Photo by Honey Jets]

19 Responses to “Does the bartender who seems to like you really actually like you?”

  1. Haggie says:

    It’s the equivalent of bragging about how hard the hooker you banged orgasmed because of all the moaning and hair tossing she did…

  2. JimmyShoez says:

    Like when Allen walks into a random dive bar and orders a Fernet and as the bartender is pouring it…asks him “where do you tend bar?’ and Allen says ummm I don’t ahhh but I always wanted to take one of those bar tending courses.

    And the bartender walks away with a sideways smile and says “let me know if you need another pal”.

  3. TinyTim says:

    “Is the bar tender here?” asks the termite?
    Go A’s!!

  4. J says:

    So does this mean I have no friends? Ugh…….

  5. JohnnyL says:

    Seriously, how is this news or surprising to anyone? In what industry do you not “friend” people?

  6. Joe Shlabotnik says:

    If you really want the bartender to like you offer to plunge the overflowing toilet while they’re slammed.

  7. JimmyShoez says:

    For all you joining the game late…

    Fernet is typically what bartenders drink at other people’s bars. Its an SF bartender thing. Get it?

    So Allen pretentiously ordering it, is alined with the original blurb that accompanied the post.

    Then instead of accepting being called out as a raging twat, Allen claimed they don’t ask if he is a bartender, but if he is “the industry?”.

    Not really a dig on Allen, it’s why we read this blog…like rubber necking on the freeway, but instead of seeing blood and guts, we wait to see what Allen will say/do next.