Amazing vintage photo of Giant Value back when it existed

[via Talent Is An Asset]

6 Responses to “Amazing vintage photo of Giant Value back when it existed”

  1. Big Head says:

    The word amazing has lost all meaning.

    • Tuffy says:

      What happens next won’t blow your mind, either.

    • Telecinex says:

      The Old Amazing:
      Fertilization of the human egg
      The ceiling of the Sistine Chapel
      The construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza

      The New Amazing:
      A photo of a .99 store
      Your waitress
      My sock

  2. Rob T says:

    Anyone remember if the neon letters on the New Mission sign were static (ie, always illuminated) or if they were animated (ie, each letter turned on to spell M-I-s-s-I-o-n) like the Castro sign does currently? It was before my time and I always wondered.

  3. Hiram Rodriguez says:

    As I remember it they were steady burning neon. It used to look really nice at night.

  4. Hiram Rodriguez says:

    Also that is not vintage, that’s a few years ago. I was born in the Mission, I remember it well in the late 70′s as a kid, when my mom used to shop at Giant Value right next door. This image shows the 99¢ store that moved in years later after the theatre had closed.