What a square foot looks like

Local artist Kassandra Zuanich wrote in to tell us about a project she’s been working on:

I thought there was something interesting about cutting out a square foot and pasting it to the ground to let people know, “This square you’re standing on costs xxxx amount of dollars.”

My research is based on actual properties that have sold in San Francisco. I went around and pasted one square foot of paper indicating the cost of land in that exact location.

And, it looks like the rest of us have found the project very ‘grammable:

3 Responses to “What a square foot looks like”

  1. Ben says:

    I thought it was a real estate marketing campaign.

  2. atsa goodun says:

    “Grandma, what square feet you got!”

  3. Brenna Betts says:

    My brain immediately visualized a foot that is square. Now I’m feeling a little bleak.