Fun New Find: Metacomet

There’s a band called Metacomet that live right here in the Mission, and they create ambient, soothing, experimental songs that will make your mind drift softly into space; I’d personally enjoy listening to them while on the moon. Hailing from the East coast originally, they blend dreamy guitars, synths and almost chilling vocals, which are even more powerful live. Earlier this month they released a brand new three-song EP called Say Goodnight, which you can listen to here.

3 Responses to “Fun New Find: Metacomet”

  1. Schlub says:

    Beautiful music, thanks for the tip. Reminds a bit of Red House Painters and Hugo largo.

  2. Joe Shlabotnik says:

    I saw Hailing from the East Coast Originally open for Legal Reins at the Paradise Lounge in 1989.

  3. Lacey says:

    Anyone know if they have any shows coming up??