Somebody received a robot butler today and discarded the packaging out on the sidewalk

Maybe it’s a public service: someone can live in it.

[via Motley Goods on Instagram]

33 Responses to “Somebody received a robot butler today and discarded the packaging out on the sidewalk”

  1. Brock says:

    It would be a lot harder to hyperbolically blame everything bad in San Francisco on tech & the wealthy if they’d stop dropping metaphors on the street.

  2. bhautik says:

    It’s some cheesy marketing campaign. They’ve been leaving these boxes all over the city:

  3. @terrapin_sf says:

    checking the twitter hastag #RobotButler reveals that’s it’s a likely a guerrilla marketing thing.

  4. duh says:

    there was one at market and 5th too.

  5. Joshua Harvey says:

    There was another one near 6th Street on Market. I smell a marketing ploy.

  6. Simon says:

    This smells like a “viral” ad campaign for a sci-fi movie.

    There’s also a twitter account that was started 3 days ago, with 5 tweets containing computer-generated-looking pictures (@RobotButlerInc) and a similarly content-free website.

  7. syd says:

    they’re all over chinatown too…should we be worried about a massive robot butler takeover?

  8. Robot Butler says:

    ATTENTION HUMANS. Do not be alarmed. We exist only to serve. END TRANSMISSION>______}}}

  9. > cat robotbutler.txt
    # go away
    User-agent: *
    Disallow: /

  10. scum says:

    Citations from The City will be coming soon.

  11. JohnnyL says:

    Sounds like a solid employment strategy for the homeless..

  12. JohnnyL says:

    2 minutes of Googling around, which is apparently far too much work for MM “writers”, proved that this is just one giant hoax.

    But hey, if it fits your “fuck the techies” narrative”, why not? Except, you just got played. Bitch.

  13. So you can’t put a flyer on a telephone pole in this town, but Saatchi and Saatchi can litter the sidewalk forcing old women into the street to be run over by multiple Google buses?

  14. mushmouth says:

    I’m guessing it is a “Chappie” marketing campaign, it is similar to that of “District 9″ where many bus stops were labeled “Human Only”

  15. Pacific Standard Simon says:

    Holy shit — free big cardboard! That stuff is hard to come by, here, and homemade cardboard furniture rules! For once, I almost wished I still lived in San Franshitshow. Hard to believe you urban hunter-gatherers aren’t all over this, with hosannas to the generous corporate gods.