Mission legend Toshio Hirano is going on indefinite hiatus, see him while you still can!!!!!

Toshio Hirano, as legit a Mission legend as ever there was, is hanging up his cowboy hat. Here’s the announcement, from his Facebook page:

Hello, everyone. I have an announcement. I am going to take a long break from singing Jimmie Rodgers so I won’t be preforming at any places including Amnesia and Rite Spot for a while. Thank you so much for having supported me all these years. I hope I can see you again someday.

Bummer. Dude.

His final show is Tuesday, January 27, 2015, at the Rite Spot Cafe, 8:30ish. Be there or be… the person who didn’t go to Toshio Hirano’s final show.

[via Capp Street Crap]

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