‘Waiting for a Train’ the Toshio Hirano documentary now online!

If you know him, you love him. Toshio Hirano has been charming the hell out of Mission audiences with his country yodeling and hilarious stage banter for over a decade.

In 2009, director Oscar Bucher made a short documentary about how this fella from Tokyo fell in love with early country music and followed that passion to the United States. It had limited screenings, one of which I was lucky enough to catch then.

Finally, the film has been posted online for the rest of us, so check it out:


Toshio still performs at Amnesia on 2nd Mondays and the Rite Spot Cafe on the 4th Tuesdays.

6 Responses to “‘Waiting for a Train’ the Toshio Hirano documentary now online!”

  1. That was a fun video!

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  3. jim wilbur says:

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  4. dave says:

    I think I met him once in about 1996. I went over to his apartment and he gave me advice on how to market my demo. It was one of those high rise buildings near Van Ness. I had never been in a building higher than 5 stories in SF before. He was a nice guy.