1K Attend Mission Crit

Estimates indicate more than 1,000 lined the half mile race course earlier this evening for what was possibly the first legal bike race to take place in the Mission.

76 racers competed in two races that lasted about 40 minutes each.

“There was one crash but it was minor” said volunteer, Stephen Grady. “It seemed to be very well taken care of. The paramedics were on it but everybody walked away from it.”

Nearing the final lap, Marc Marino about to overtake his friend Chas Christiansen.

$700 in cash prizes were distributed to the podium finishers of both the women’s and men’s races.

Winners – Women’s

  • 1st Veronika Volok
  • 2nd Kora Colasuonno
  • 3rd Christina Peck

Winners – Men’s

  • 1st Manuel Barra
  • 2nd Marc Marino
  • 3rd Chas Christiansen


26 Responses to “1K Attend Mission Crit”

  1. trix4forkids says:

    how is this different from any other saturday night in the mission?

  2. mark says:

    I was one of the few/several hundred out there.

    Can anyone post links to any of the numerous photographers out there?

  3. emelie says:

    That was a lot of fun, super well-run. the EMTs, cops, -everyone- seemed cool. 2 GoPros and tons of stuff at the raffle too.

  4. scum says:

    Man, I missed my chance to take out a bunch of fixies and tons of hipsters all at once.

  5. chum says:

    “Actually I do have a life besides making banal comments on blogs guys, really I do”


  6. chum says:

    “Actually I don’t know how to click on reply guys, really I don’t” FTFY

  7. scum says:

    Creating puppets is fun for the whole family.

  8. plum says:

    I will say this: if you go to the linkedin profile of the organizer, he describes himself as “awesome” and appears devoid of humility or concern/interest for others not sharing his interest in himself, which reminds me of everything that has run off the rails of late in SF. As for the “race” it seems ok enough as a concept, but in a really, really silly location. And how again is it the SFMTA lets these guys block major east-west streets on a Saturday night for this? I bet if a group of go-cart racers wanted to do the same thing the SFMTA wouldn’t even return their calls.

    • bum says:

      keep grasping, you’ve almost got some relevance!

      haha just kidding

    • emilie says:

      How is is silly….traffic was barely bothered – unlike you apparently.

    • emilie says:

      P.S. Show the ‘Awesome’ Linkedin site – he doesn’t show up for me. You sure you are attempting to discredit the right person?

    • plumsucks says:

      What, those major east-west streets like 17th st?

      Mariposa ends at harrison. 18th gets all crooked and funky at Harrison. So you aren’t using those. 16th was open, and is almost always a better choice than 17th anyway.

      There’s just no reasonable way to object to this. No major roads were closed, and vehicle traffic in that neighborhood is really low on a Saturday night. Worst case scenario is that someone’s journey took an extra minute because they had to go up to 16th instead of cutting straight across. Big deal.

    • troll says:

      I will say this: if you’re visiting the LinkedIn profile of the organizer, you have too much time on your hands. If you’re into go-carts, try and organize a run for ‘em; otherwise, shut up and sit your ass down.

    • Clare says:

      I’m married to the organizer! His LinkedIn description of himself is entirely accurate!

  9. Oyster Boy says:

    Clare has KoolAde every night with her awesome husband. It’s working! sigh. Why can’t I even organize getting myself out of bed?