Did gentrification cause a shooting on Potrero Hill?

Two men were shot the other day high atop Potrero Hill. Our pal @intheweedz, who was on the scene, had this to say:

The topic of discussion among the neighbors is that the increase in crime on the hill, is because gentrification is closing in on the projects.


11 Responses to “Did gentrification cause a shooting on Potrero Hill?”

  1. Leary says:

    It’s public housing. No one there is facing a rent hike or an Ellis Act eviction regardless of whether gentrification “closes in” on it.

  2. JohnnyL says:

    Click bait 101.

  3. Jamin-Time says:

    Someone gets a gun, loads it, points it at a human, shoots them, and someone blames slow societal changes in an area? If someone says this, the proper response is, “Who ties your shoes for you?”

  4. scum says:

    More people with money means more shit to steal, crime has skyrocketed in certain areas where people walk around blindly staring into their devices. People that aren’t street smart walking around with visible valuables and leaving shit in their cars in plain view.

  5. boom says:

    gentrification is causing foul smelling shit to explode from my ass

  6. Yo Mama says:

    Eat The Poor

  7. Blexxxxch says: