New bagel popup Shegetz Bagel claims they will end the SF bagel drought this weekend

Epic poster art, right?

Here is the press release in full:

We, the shegetz of Shegetz Bagel, don’t believe that it takes a New York City zip code (or water supply) to make a killer bagel, and we intend to prove it by boiling and baking them up, right here on the West Coast.

Shegetz is a collaboration between two San Francisco natives, Oliver Steele and Ben Kaminsky, and their long-time conspirer Alex Rogers; all three well-known staples in the Bay Area food and coffee scene. Rogers developed the lauded bread recipe for Local’s Corner, and became well-versed in bagel-making, working with Michelle Polzine at 20th Century Cafe (though Shegetz will be more akin to the New York style). Steele, a member of the industry darling Pizzetta 211, is a practiced set of hands in the world of dough and pastry. Kaminsky is a three-time US Cup Tasters Champion. After a three year stint as the Director of Quality Control and Espresso at Ritual Coffee, he has become a sought-after international coffee consultant and most recently helped launch Saint Frank in Russian Hill.

Some things to know about our pop-ups:

Bagels will not be toasted. Fresh bagels do not need to be toasted (because, you know, they were just in an oven.)
Our West-Coast style bagels use sourdough starter
Bagels will cost $5–12 depending on toppings.
We will try to always have a full staff so you don’t have to wait too long.
The bagels are likely to go fast.

The first Shegetz Bagel event is this Sunday the 27th at PizzaHacker.

8 Responses to “New bagel popup Shegetz Bagel claims they will end the SF bagel drought this weekend”

  1. pastido says:

    Not as dumb as having the bagels flown in, but pretty close.

  2. scum says:

    The pretension is thick.

  3. troll says:

    Haha, 10 a.m. start time to sell a baked good. Gee, wonder who their target demos are?

  4. I hate hipsters says:

    $5 for a bagel? How incredibly twee.

  5. Truth says:

    Apparently it takes NYC to make a good bagel for under $5-12 each?