Interview with Elijah Wood

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Local cineaste David Enos recently got to interview the great Elijah Wood:

You’re an actor but also a big record collector.  What kind of used shops do you like to check out, and have you found any obscurities we should listen to?

Yeah, man, I’m glad you asked.  My favorite record store is Amoeba Records on Sunset, because they have all the hard-to-find, unusual stuff.  Problem is I can’t leave without spending at least $500 (laughs).  Just last week, I scored an original vinyl copy of “Rumours” by a band called Fleetwood Mac.  The worker man at the counter told me they only pressed 100 copies and I was lucky to find it.  By the end of my shopping trip I also picked up rarities by The Tubes, Joan Armatrading and Boz Scaggs.  Sometimes I’ll buy records just for the cover art. It’s so crazy and great to have this happen in 2016, but my assistant says vinyl is actually making a comeback.

Wood stars in The Witch, currently playing at the Alamo Drafthouse here in the Mission.

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  1. Rodneysf says:

    The pictures are of Toby Maquire.

  2. kjasdlkfj says:

    I once saw this cat in echo park in probably 2008 or so? You really can’t imagine how tight his pants were