Nugs for Jimi

Just had to stop by the Jimi Hendrix shrine in Renton, WA, on the way to our show with Citay in Olympia.  Judging by the mementos left behind, it appeared that a number of folks had similarly visited to pay their respects.  American flags, beads, flowers of all shapes and colors, Taz (!!!), and . . . what’s this?

I can’t decide who’s the sadder hypothetical person.  The one who was all, “Dude, we have to leave a nug for Jimi!” or his buddy who probably responded with, “Duuuuude, you can’t just leave one nug for Jimi!”

I guess I’ll have to go with C, the inevitable stoner who eventually would stumble onto this scene and think to himself, “Jimi won’t miss these nugs.”

PS.  DO NOT fuck with the Renton PD