Punch-Me-In-The-Face-Please Serenity at Cafe Gratitude

Evany, in a post titled Cafe Platitude (ha!), sums up everyone’s (most everyone’s) thoughts on everyone’s (most everyone’s) favorite neighborhood raw-food haunt:

Sadly their food is kind of tasty, jerks. But their whole shitty concept makes me so crabby, I refuse to interact with them. So like a kid getting someone to buy wine coolers at the 7-11, I sent my friend Megan (who speaks hippie) up to the Cafe Gratitude at the farmers market (where of course they have a booth), and she purchased me three I Am Insightfuls as I stood off to the side, trying not to faint from rolling my eyes so hard. As the guy handed back the change, he asked Megan, his face all punch-me-in-the-face-please serene, “So what core value do you care about most?”

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