Zeitgeist to be Replaced by Borders

SF Real Estate News reports this morning that beloved Mission dive bar Zeitgeist will close its doors next month, to be razed and replaced by a Borders.

Artist’s rendering by Ty Kirkey.

Link to more Mission Mission coverage of Mission District dive bars.

11 Responses to “Zeitgeist to be Replaced by Borders”

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  2. njudah says:

    o haI!

    in ur zeitgeist, gentrifyin’ ur homez

  3. Nies says:

    April Fools!?!?!?!?

  4. White Person says:

    How can this be called gentrification if it’s white people replacing white people?

  5. Oh that was just mean. I’m laughing now – but I almost cried.

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  10. Saddest. News. Ever.

  11. Tired of Hipsters says:

    haha. i hope there will be a starbucks, too. where will all the pissed off, scummy hipsters/”messengers” go now? maybe they’ll move.

  12. nick says:

    Yjculn hi! hice site!

  13. Aerin says:

    Is this for real? If so this sucks

  14. johnny0 says:

    They should turn Medjool into a Borders.

  15. comgiyne says:

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