iViva Zeitgeist! (Boo, Borders)

We got a lot of heartwarming feedback regarding today’s post about the fate of Zeitgeist

1. Malcolm M. recommends a classic Leisure Town installment, “A Grand Day Out”, which may or may not take place in and around the vicinity of the bar in question:


Link to complete slideshow.

2. Outraged Charles B. says:

We should go when Ali is here maybe… although it really calls for a big big group of people. Maybe Mills people and everyone I know in town will want to go out.
We should also burn the Borders to the ground one it’s done.

3. Curbed SF picked up the story. Sarah conjectures as to what might transpire:

Heads exploding, fists flying, inner children dying, Tom Ammiano on the ground, gasping for breath … Madness, just pure, delicious madness.


4. In seeking out art for this follow up, I myself came upon a wealth of good stuff on Flickr, including:

Dick jokes:

Link to larger.

and pink elephant graffiti:

Link to larger.

Also, we’ve gotten a bunch of hits via the SGSF Bay Area group on Suicide Girls, but we don’t know what they’re saying because none of us are members. Anyway, to one and all, thanks for reading.

(Zeitgeist photo by diavolerie, dick joke photo by DrScaryBeard, pink elephants photo by fiveinchpixie)

One Response to “iViva Zeitgeist! (Boo, Borders)”

  1. tk says:

    Good to see Leisure Town getting some pub. If anyone isn’t familiar, go check it out right now. Make sure to read “Q.A. Confidential,” which had me laughing for days.

    I had a brief moment of panic when I saw the original story about Zeit until I remembered what day it was. Fair play.