How was the Laughing Squid Party?

Tweets Daisy:

Laughing Squid party will go down as worst party I attended in 2008.

But why? CELLspace is nice, and they had fireworks, didn’t they? Link.

Link to Laughing Squid Lucky 13 party details.

Update: A kind reader informs us the fireworks had nothing to do with this party. Anybody know where they came from? Also, official Laughing Squid party wrap-up here.

7 Responses to “How was the Laughing Squid Party?”

  1. Plug1 says:

    they did have grilled cheese sandwiches, which was cool. and a robot that made/poured beer. and frank chu was there.

    the 2 buck chuck was $3 a glass, which was confusing.

  2. Jesse! says:

    ah Daisy… love that girl…

  3. Morninglori says:

    Why is this the only review you have here?

    Evidently this person has no idea what Laughing Squid is about because this was a great party that included everything from Doc Popular to yo-yo pros to grilled cheese to stilt walkers to Mr. Lucky plus all the incredible people who attended and made this a great event.

    Maybe you should also put up the other tweets that raved about this party. I’m sure Daisy’s opinion is definitely not the only one out there.

  4. Allan says:

    morninglori, please feel free to post your favorite relevant tweets here in the comments. if any of them bowl me over, i’ll add them to the body of the post and give you credit for bringing them to our attention.

    also, evidently you have no idea what daisy is all about. check out her blog if you feel like being entertained for a while.

  5. The worst party of 2008? you have to be kidding.

    Laughing Squid consistently puts on the best events with the most eclectic artists and performers. His Lucky 13 party was no different. Performances by YoYo King David Capurro and The Extra Action Marching Band, tasty grilled cheese sammiches, beer dispensing robots, and light painted portraits done by Supersnail were some of the highlights of the event. That’s cool that Daisy didn’t like it, but alot of people did, and I am one of them.

    you can view my photos from the event and see for yourself, here.

  6. Katie Ann says:

    I got to see the fireworks from my apartment, didn’t have to pay $10, and watched a robot serve drinks in ‘Short Circuit’ … I had a blast!

  7. Jesse! says:

    grill cheese and two-buck chuck? Man what a party! Sounds more like a gallery opening except this one you had to pay for.