Fight for Your Right to Install City-Subsidized Solar Panels

The Board of Supervisors are pretty close to making a city-wide solar incentives program a reality. They  kind of approved it yesterday, which is great, but they still need to *really* approve it next week. Mission Mission pal (and solar energy booster) Sonia says:

this is really exciting, and actually somewhat unexpected. if you get a chance to call your sup (ammiano for us mission folk) in the next couple of days, that would be awesome!

If you’re into the city giving you $6000 to install some panels, contact Tom, thank him for the kind of, and ask nicely for the real thing.

Photo by jfraser

One Response to “Fight for Your Right to Install City-Subsidized Solar Panels”

  1. Lael says:

    I heard about this at the NEN Clean and Green Summit. Some adorable old woman started abusing a PG&E man (about something else) and claiming that she would never vote for this until they put in a clause to give people who have previously installed panels money too. Fesity! She has a point, those who were willing to go solar 5 or 10 years ago should be rewarded for taking the initiative, not ignored. Also, I wonder if it applies to all types of panels or just ones that go into the power grid…Still – I’m going to go ahead and give Tom a comment!