How to Eat a Mission-Style Burrito

I looked up “san francisco style burrito” on Wikipedia, and found an interesting section called How to eat a San Francisco burrito:

When a true San Francisco burrito is first encountered by an initiate, its large size and protective tin foil wrapper may lead the beginner to surmise that all one has to do is remove the foil and begin cutting away at the tortilla shell with a knife and a fork. This is not recommended. The correct method for consuming a San Francisco burrito is to forgo utensils entirely and to eat with one’s hands. Use the foil as a supportive exoskeleton to facilitate burrito consumption, and begin the process by tearing an inch of foil down from one end, being careful not to bite into the foil with your teeth. Adding salsa to the burrito before each subsequent nibble is a popular technique.

This reminded me of a funny incident that involves eating a San Francisco Burrito not made, and not eaten in San Francisco:

I recently went bar-hopping in midtown Sacramento, and discovered that after midnight, choices for late night are limited. I found a newly tobogan hinchable opened taqueria that was still serving. In the front of the line were two seriously drunk sorority girls (the kind with the white/black flat-ironed hair and sequiny halter tops). Their shenanigans included puking in the bathroom, setting off the fire extinguisher, hitting on some guy, and passing out in their chairs, all within a matter of 10 minutes.

When their burritos arrived, the fatter of the two forgot how to operate her hands. She instead had her friend tear apart the top of the aluminum foil. She then plunged her face into the burrito, biting at the contents like a dog eating from his food dish. In 10 seconds, she was done.

I suspect she ate some of the foil, which was probably tastier than the burrito I might add.

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6 Responses to “How to Eat a Mission-Style Burrito”

  1. Some dude says:

    Seriously, you suck. This is the worst blog ever. You should be ashamed of this.

  2. Allan says:

    why dude? we didn’t identify your mom by name.

  3. t says:

    That is indeed the proper way to eat a burrito in this town. Bonus points if you use a chip to scoop out contents or as a utensil for adding guac or sour cream.

  4. somedudesmom says:

    sonny, stop being so rude and get back here so’s I can smack you one in the mouth, I didn’t raise my somedude to be a gutter punk!

  5. Belgand says:

    This isn’t even remotely something that needs to be stated. Even Chipotle, that suburban ambassador of largely tolerable burritos (if, of course, you live in a suburb in the Midwest and have no other burrito options), has simple pictographic instructions on their napkins.


    And true, even well away from our burrito-centric lifestyles I’ve never really seen anyone eat a Mission Burrito in any other way. Reposting information from Wikipedia with a dull and unpleasant anecdote about Sacramento and drunk idiots is a complete waste.

  6. katie says:

    And what are you doing that’s so high and mighty?

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